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Warss Powder - 50 gms

Warss Powder - 50 gms
Warss Powder - 50 gms
Warss Powder - 50 gms
Warss Powder - 50 gms
Warss Powder - 50 gms
Warss Powder - 50 gms
Warss Powder - 50 gms

Warss is mentioned in hadith and is used as a remedy for different diseases.

1. Hazrat Zaid Bin Arqam (r.a.) says that Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) advised, as a treatment for pleurisy (ذات الجنب), Memecylon (ورس), Costus (قسط), & Olive oil (زيت) & take at one side of mouth (يُلَدُّ).

[Ibn Ma-jah: 3596; Book. 31; Eng volume. 4 ; Book. 31, Hadees. 3467]

2. Qatadah narrated from Abu Abdullah that Zaid Bin Arqam (r.a.) said that Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)  would acclaim Olive oil (الزَّيْتَ) and Memecylon-"Warss" (الْوَرْسَ) for (the treatment of) pleurisy." Qatadah said: "And it is put in the mouth on the side which he is suffering ".

[Tirmizi: 2222; Book. 28, Eng vol. 4; Book. 2; Hadees. 2078]

Indian Costus & Memecylon for throat infection (Azrah): -

3. Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah (r.a.) says that Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)  Oh! Ladies, Do not burn (Cauterize) throats of your children for Azrah (العذرة) (swelling/ infection in throat) because, you have Qustul hind (الهندي قسط) & Warss (ورس) make them to lick (both).

[Mustadrak Hakim: 8239]

Warss for freckles: -

4. Hazrat Umme Salma (r.a.) says that at the time of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)  women in postnatal bleeding (after childbirth) used to wait for forty days, and we used to put Warss on our faces because of freckles." (except for one who became pure (clean) before that).

[Ibn Ma-jah: 648]

Memecylon is dry and hot in the second degree. The best type of memecylon  is the red memecylon , which is soft in the band and does not have much bran. It is used as an ointment to treat spots, rashes and pimples that appear on the surface of the skin. It constipates, has a drying quality and helps against leprosy when taken as a drink.

It has similar benefits to Costus root, and if it is used as an ointment, it relieves Vitiligo (skin condition of unknown cause, characterized by patchy loss of pigment), rashes, pimples and ulcers. When the clothes are dyed with memecylon , they strengthen the sexual drive.

It contains hard red fibers in its pods which are used in different illnesses after grinding these fibers to make a powder. This powder is also used for coloring the clothes and hairs. Its use in different illnesses is mentioned below. 

1. T.B. (Tuberculosis:):

It is very effective treatment of T.B. Take one gram of its powder daily for about a year. You can also take olive oil 20 ml daily for a year. These are very effective remedies in tuberculosis.

2. Tonsillitis: 

Particularly in children, give them one gram memecylon powder and two gram costus root power for 3 months or until cured. Use the powders without water, don't take water after taking these herbs mixture because water will wash the powder off the tonsils and herbs will become ineffective. It is also 100% effective in chronic tonsillitis, where surgery is advised in modern medicine. There is no need for surgery in chronic cases. Take this treatment and save the lives of children and adults equally with this medication. This is the authentic treatment for tonsillitis without surgery. 

3. Face Skin Diseases: 

Mix 1 gram of memecylon fibers powder and 10 gram of olive oil. In this ratio you can take 10 gram of Memecylon Fibers powder and 100 gram of olive oil and mix them to make a lotion. Apply this lotion at night daily on your face after few months you will have a glowing face. Continue this treatment off and on in your life for long lasting results. Once you have got a glowing face with this natural Herbal Cure, you can use this Memecylon Olive Oil lotion at your convenience. You can apply it thrice, twice or once a week to keep your face smooth, clean, clear, pinkish, and glowing. This lotion is used for any kind of face skin diseases; acne, acne scars or spots, blackheads, whiteheads, pregnancy marks or melasma, dark circles around eyes, dips on cheeks and moles.

4. Epilepsy and Stones in Kidney and Gall Bladder: 

If you are tired of frequent attacks of fits then this is the right place and right treatment for you. Try this wonderful drug. Take one gram of memecylon powder with water daily, you will be cured of epilepsy, kidney and gall bladder stones. You will have to continue the treatment course for kidney and gall bladder stones to be dissolved. Get ultrasound of your gall bladder and kidneys whichever disease you have, monthly to see the effects of this remedy. In case of epilepsy, continue this natural treatment until fits no longer occur. Do not waste your time, money and life. Always trust natural remedies.

Note: Warss has Laxative effect so use safely.

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