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Tharirah (Chiraita) for Pimples

Tharirah (Chiraita) for Pimples
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Tharirah (Chiraita) for Pimples

Tharirah (Charaita) 100 gms for pimples from Tibbe Nabawi

Ibn As-Sunni said in his book that one of the wives of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam said "Once the Messenger of Allah came by when I had a pimple on my finger, he saw it & asked:

"Do you have a Tharirah (arum or sweet Flag), I said, Yes". He said, "Place it on the pimple. He then said, Say, O Allah who Transforms the big to small and the small to big, make what I am suffering from small".

(Farooqi, 1998; Al Qadr, 2007).

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  • Model: Tharirah for pimples from Tibbe Nabawi
  • Weight: 100.00g
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