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Shifa-e-Ajwa ® powder 100 gms x 2 bottles (Combo Offer)

Shifa-e-Ajwa ® powder 100 gms x 2 bottles (Combo Offer)
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Shifa-e-Ajwa ® powder 100 gms x 2 bottles (Combo Offer)

Shifa-e-Ajwa ®  powder 100 gms x 2 bottles (Combo Offer)

Shifa-e-Ajwa ® is now a registered brand in USA

Genuine Ajwa Dates Seed Powder 100 gms bottle

Good for Cardiovascular disease, Blood pressure and Diabetes, no preservatives and no side effects

Ajwa dates are one of nature's wonderful gifts to mankind. Ajwa Dates seed powder is a miracle cure to some of the most dangerous and common diseases in mankind. The biggest benefits of Ajwa dates are its capability of preventing and curing heart diseases. There is an old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But you might be aware of one more fruit which is amazing health benefits in it is Ajwa dates & its seed powder.
Ajwa Seed Powder & Heart Disease
Heart Disease is one of the most common and dangerous diseases in the world. It is a coronary artery disease that causes a reduction in blood supply to the heart. There are various reasons for this disease but the most common is high BP, overweight, saturate lifestyle, junk food, smoking habits, and heredity of heart problem in the family. Blockage of arteries is mainly because of the high level of cholesterol in your blood. These issues with slow down your working capacity and will lead you to a point where you will be unable to do what you want to do. You will fatigue, tiredness, unable to exercise and this will ultimately lead to heart attack & death.
The Common remedies for heart diseases are lifelong medicine, angioplasty, bypass surgery. All these methods have great side effects associated with them. Fortunately, nature has given us a great gift to cure heart problems. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of it.
Medical experiments and scientific studies have shown that eating Saudi Ajwa dates on regular basis can greatly decrease the risk of heart disease and not only keep you out of the hospital, but greatly improve your quality of life. Ajwa is a type of date that has been used & prescribed in Saudi Arabia since the time of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]. There are various hadith of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] about Ajwa dates which clearly says that Ajwa dates have wonderful ability to cure and remove heart disease.

Along with the Ajwa date, its seed powder is a wonderful remedy for heart problems. Ajwa Dates Seed Powder is full of health benefits. It is loaded with all the essential elements like Iron, Calcium, Potassium, and Zinc minerals. Ajwa dates are also rich in natural fibers along with oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Other ingredients are Vitamin B-12 and Biotin which is extremely helpful in reducing cholesterol & fat levels.

Islamic Proof:

Narrated Saad (r.a.): I suffered from an illness, the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him) came to pay a visit to me, he put his hands on my chest and I felt its coolness at my heart. He said: “You are a man suffering from heart sickness, go to Al Harith Ibn Kaladah, brother of Thaqif, he is a man who gives medical treatment. He should take seven Ajwa dates of Medina and grind them with their kernels (seed) and then put them into your mouth”.
(Reference: Sunnah Dawood, Book 28, Hadith 3866)

The Advantages of Ajwa Dates Seed Powder:

      ·         Shifa-e-Ajwa ® seed powder is highly effective for the blocked heart arteries
·         It is also recommended for those patients awaiting or have been advised heart bypass surgery or angioplasty
·         Patients having high blood pressure should use it daily
·         Weight Management, body fitness
·         Protects the heart and the circulatory system
·         Useful for protection against heart problems
·         Patients suffering from Diabetes should have it daily

      ·         Helps regulate Blood Pressure

       ·         Good for any kind of blockage whether in the brain or anywhere

       ·         Varicose veins can be cured

Other Benefits of Ajwa Dates Seed Powder:

      ·         Effective in preventing abdominal cancer, abdominal diseases, disturbances in intestines, relieves constipation
·        &n

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