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Sage Leaves Dried

Sage Leaves Dried
Sage Leaves Dried

Sage Leaves Dried - 100 gms

Benefits of Sage

It is used in the Arab world. As well as the Indians, the Egyptian people also have a vast knowledge of Islamic medicine and I know that sage is widely drunk in North Africa, particularly Egypt, where there have been centers of learning for thousands of years.

In Arabic it is called Maramiya, in English, we call it sage.
In the English language, a Sage is a wise older person.

I have not found a direct reference in Islamic medicine books to the herb sage. However, the herb sage is considered one of the sweet-smelling herbs, and sweet-smelling herbs are mentioned in the Quran. 
As Muslims we know “for every illness Allah has provided a cure” and the herb for memory retention and sore throats is called Sage.

Sage is well known as the best herb for sore throats, it’s a stimulant however so I wouldn’t drink it before bed unless you want to stay up all night reading and studying.
Sage is an outstanding memory enhancer, so for those of us who are studying, which should be all of us, this herb is a great help, Alhamdulillah, praise The Creator.

You can use it fresh or dry SAGE.
if it is dry take 1 flat teaspoon and place it in a cup or teapot, add hot water, not boiling, and leave for 5 minutes to brew.
Use a tea strainer and strain the leaves off, you could eat them really, When the tea cools a little, then add honey not before or you will destroy the beneficial enzymes in the honey.
If you are blessed to have fresh sage leaves then use about 5 of them in a cup of hot water and prepare as dry leaves above.
It’s one of nature’s top antioxidant herbs which means it’s anti-aging. It’s good for memory,

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