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Model: Tasbih
Ajwa Seed Tasbih 33 Beads for counting purpose.Genuine Ajwa Seeds of Madinah,  it is very hard to make a drill or even crush an Ajwa seed, we have tried to make this tasbih which is totally handmade for counting purposes.You can now own this tasbih which is very rare and you can get it probably..
Model: Bahri Pain Relieve Oil
Bahri Pain Relieve Oil: 100 mlA mixture of Nutritive oils and Natural Herbs which:• 100% Natural • Helps in Joint Pain• Pain relieve oilVery helpful in pain of Sciatica, Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain, ..
Model: Beard Hair Growth Oil
Beard Hair Growth Oil (30 ml)Made from natural plant extracts Oleaceae oil, Sapindus oil, Ziziphus, Nigela Sativa to mention some, to help grow your beard longer, faster and stronger, helps nourish the roots of your beard to strenghten them and promote stronger beard growth, it helps increase blood ..
Model: Formula A
Formula A is a supplement for cough and asthma it dilates the respiratory tract making it easy to breathe. It prevents the occurrence of hypersensitivity reactions and builds up a strong immunity against allergy, thus effecting an aid in cure for Asthma, Bronchitis, Wheezing, Eosinophilia attacks, S..
Model: Formula Artho Care
Formula Artho Care Powder - 900 gmsArthritis and Joint Pain, Lethargic, Improve bone densityWe have given Formula Artho to many patients with Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Knee joint pain, lower back pain, etc. & Masha'Allah that within 30 days, they felt relief & in addition, the K..
Model: Formula D
Formula D for Diabetes (Powder 200 gms)Suffering from diabetes? Here is a solution thatcan help keep the sugar levels down and make life a lot sweeter.Formula D helps provide long-lasting and optimum control of blood sugar levels. It also helps relieve associated symptoms such as frequent urination ..
Model: Formula K
The kidney the organ which purifies the blood in our body is very vulnerable. This can affect the urinary tract (UTI), kidney disorders, Kidney Stone which is a very high rate in humans also is Uric acid and Gout problems."Formula K" a herbal formulation derived from Tibbe Nabavi is helpful in contr..
Model: Henna Leaves
Henna Leaves (Dried) 100% Natural - Chemical free (50 gms)Henna for colour:Henna is most commonly used to colour the hands, feet, nails, and hair. However, it is only permissible for men to use henna to colour their hair—the application of henna to colour hands, feet and nails is only permissible fo..
Herbal Loban - Islamic Frankincense Herbal Loban - Islamic Frankincense
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Model: Herbal Loban
Herbal Loban - Islamic Frankincense (50 gms)Hazrat Abdullah bin Jaffer (r.a.) narrates that our Prophet (pbhm) said, “Fumigate your houses with Sage brush, Myrrh and Thyme” (Farooqi, 1998).By fumingation with these herbs we safe-guard ourselves and our family from many bacteria and virus attack.Its ..
Miswaak Tooth Powder Miswaak Tooth Powder
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Model: Miswaak Tooth Powder
Miswak Tooth Powder 50 gms100% NaturalNo SurfactantsNo TriclosanNo FlourideNo PreservativesEcological and BiodegradableEliminates bad breath, prevents dental plaque and Strengthens the gums.Miswak is Sunnah for one who is fasting throughout the day, even if it is fresh. If a person uses the siwak wh..
Model: Talbina Regular
Organic Talbina in pack of 200 gms and 1 Kg Jar packTalbinah has been mentioned in many narrations of the Prophet [peace be upon him] such as the narration of Aisha that when someone from her relatives died, the women would gather for that (reason) then th..
Model: Rosehip Seed Oil
Rosehip Seed Oil 30 mlRosehip Beauty Oil is prized all over the world as regenerating and nourishing skincare essential, adored especially by those who struggle to make peace with irritated, sensitive, or uneven skin.“Nutri Herb Store” Rosehip Oil is a 100% Pure, Natural, Vegan and Cold-pressed, an..
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