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Bahri Pain Relieve Oil
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Model: Bahri Pain Relieve Oil
Bahri Pain Relieve Oil: 100 mlA mixture of Nutritive oils and Natural Herbs which:• 100% Natural • Helps in Joint Pain• Pain relieve oilVery helpful in pain of Sciatica, Nerve Pain, Muscle Pain, ..
Model: Beard Hair Growth Oil
Beard Hair Growth Oil (30 ml)Made from natural plant extracts Oleaceae oil, Sapindus oil, Ziziphus, Nigela Sativa to mention some, to help grow your beard longer, faster and stronger, helps nourish the roots of your beard to strenghten them and promote stronger beard growth, it helps increase blood ..
Dried Marjoram Leaves (Marjanjosh)
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Manufacturer: A M Industries Model: Dried Marjoram Leaves (Marjanjosh)
Marjanjosh Leaves cut and sifted 50 gmsIt is mentioned in a Hadith & we are not sure of its authority that "For you is Marjanjoosh (Marjoram), as it is good for Khushaam (which is cold & flu)". Narrated by Ibn Sunni & DailamyIt is hot in the third degree and dry in the second degree, and..
Formula A - Lungs Care Formula A - Lungs Care
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Model: Formula A
Formula A (200 gms Powder) is a supplement for cough and asthma it dilates the respiratory tract making it easy to breathe. It prevents the occurrence of hypersensitivity reactions and builds up a strong immunity against allergy, thus effecting an aid in cure for Asthma, Bronchitis, Wheezing, E..
Formula A1 Treating Knee/Joint pain
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Model: Formula A1 Treating Knee/Joint pain
Formula A1 (200 gms Powder)Treating knee/joint pain with Tibbe NabawiI had severe pain in my left knee & it was difficult to sit in Tashahhud & to stand in Qiyaam after Sajdah, first of all, I had Hijamah done by my beloved friend, & then I started "Formula A1", the first 5 days were ter..
Model: Formula Artho Care
Formula Artho Care Powder - 1 KgArthritis and Joint Pain, Lethargic, Improve bone densityWe have given Formula Artho to many patients with Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Knee joint pain, lower back pain, etc. & Masha'Allah that within 30 days, they felt relief & in addition, the Khee..
Formula D Powder for Diabetes
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Model: Formula D - Powder
Treating Diabetes with Tibb-e-NabawiDiabetic patients think that sweetened foods and fruits are their enemies, and they eat white wheat bread & white rice daily, some of them consume the so-called Brown wheat bread (sold at shops), it is also a fiber-less bread, only the color of wheat is browni..
Formula Dinaar (Sharbat e Dinaar) for Liver
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Model: Formula Dinaar (Sharbat e Dinaar) for Liver
“DINAAR” for Hepatitis (100 gms)Sharbat-e-Dinaar is a famous Unani formulation, it is given for Hepatitis, enlargement of liver, dropsy and pleurisy, it also removes constipation and increases urination. It is the compound of colorful flowers, seeds & roots.The Sharbat (found..
Model: Formula F - Treating Uterine Weakness with Tibb-e-Nabawi
Formula F (200 gms Powder) - Treating Uterine Weakness with Tibb-e-NabawiA miscarriage is any pregnancy that ends spontaneously before the fetus can survive. It exhibits that the mother has a weak Uterus, possibly because of having a history of excessive menstruation. Other causes of miscarriage are..
Formula HT for Hypertension/High Blood Pressure Formula HT for Hypertension/High Blood Pressure
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Model: Formula HT for Hypertension/High Blood Pressure
Treating Hypertension / High blood pressure with Tibb-e-NabawiHigh blood pressure is due to the following reasons : 1. Extra fluid in the body which exhibits inflammation in the kidneys, when the body is over-dosed with animal proteins/toxins & kidneys are unable to filter the blood efficie..
Formula J - Joshanda for fever, flu, chest congestion, cough, etc.
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Model: Formula J- Joshanda for fever, flu, chest congestion, etc
Formula J is for Joshanda, the hot infusion of beautiful herbs that work against fever, flu, chest congestion, cough, etc.And when you make it with the raw herbs, its healing is 100 times more than the instant Joshandas sold at the markets.Unaab, Zofa Yabis, Sapistaan, Licorice, Khatmi & Khabazi..
Model: Formula K
Formula K - Kidney Care (200 gms Powder)The kidney the organ which purifies the blood in our body is very vulnerable. This can affect the urinary tract (UTI), kidney disorders, Kidney Stone which is a very high rate in humans also is Uric acid and Gout problems."Formula K" a herbal formulation deriv..
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