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Raw Herbs

Dried Marjoram Leaves (Marjanjosh)
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Manufacturer: A M Industries Model: Dried Marjoram Leaves (Marjanjosh)
Marjanjosh Leaves cut and sifted 50 gmsIt is mentioned in a Hadith & we are not sure of its authority that "For you is Marjanjoosh (Marjoram), as it is good for Khushaam (which is cold & flu)". Narrated by Ibn Sunni & DailamyIt is hot in the third degree and dry in the second degree, and..
Model: Henna Leaves
Henna Leaves (Dried) 100% Natural - Chemical-free (50 gms)Henna for colour:Henna is most commonly used to colour the hands, feet, nails, and hair. However, it is only permissible for men to use henna to colour their hair—the application of henna to colour hands, feet and nails is only permissible fo..
Model: Senna Leaf Flakes Cut & Sifted
Senna Leaves Flakes Cut & Sifted (100 gms)SENNA TEA: Senna tea can be slightly sweet, but it has strong bitter undertones. Because of this, people sometimes mix senna tea with green tea or add honey to improve its flavor.HELP WITH CONSTIPATION: The most common benefit of senna leaves i..
Tharirah (Chiraita) for Pimples
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Model: Tharirah for pimples from Tibbe Nabawi
Tharirah (Charaita) 100 gms for pimples from Tibbe NabawiIbn As-Sunni said in his book that one of the wives of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam said "Once the Messenger of Allah came by when I had a pimple on my finger, he saw it & asked:"Do you have a Tharirah (arum or sweet Flag), ..
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