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Herbal Loban - Islamic Frankincense

Herbal Loban - Islamic Frankincense

Herbal Loban - Islamic Frankincense (50 gms)

Hazrat Abdullah bin Jaffer (r.a.) narrates that our Prophet (pbhm) said, “Fumigate your houses with Sage brush, Myrrh and Thyme” (Farooqi, 1998).

By fumingation with these herbs we safe-guard ourselves and our family from many bacteria and virus attack.

Its oil is rich in thymol, carcacrol & etc, which are best in fumigation against bean, insects & bacterias.  Its plant was burned

as a fumigator in sick rooms and hospital wards. It was used as incense for many types of religious ceremonies as well.

We have made a mixture of different herbs as per hadith and added some more to get the best aroma from it.

The aroma note is of Bakhoor and Saffron mixed.

Made with ingredients mentioned in hadith: Sage brush, Thyme, Myrr, Loban and Saffron Essential Oil.

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