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Formula T19 Weight-Loss & Body Detoxification Powder

Sale Formula T19 Weight-Loss & Body Detoxification Powder

Formula T19 Weight-Loss & Body Detoxification Powder (200 gms)

Formula T19 was designed as a powerful detoxifier, it removes impurities mostly vide stools; it is a hot-natured compound and it works primarily by bringing the impurities / wastes to their maturity; thus separating them from blood & body systems & then pushing them out vide stools. Formula T19 has all the herbs which clean the blood & some of them are laxatives as well. For both purposes (cleaning & flushing out the impurities / un-necessary fluids); the blend should be compulsorily  be hot-natured and dry natured to some extent.

So you can understand that Formula T19 will not be suitable for people suffering with diarrhea, stomach ulcers, piles, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, and for women who have a history of heavy menstruation. Some patients suffering with Hypertension also reported that Formula T19 was not the best for them. In addition, those people who develop skin allergies after eating hot foods (like egg, meat, nuts, etc.), Formula T19 may not be suitable.

Apart from these problems, Formula T19 works as the best detoxification for all, it brings very quick results for opening the blocked menstruation, Formula T19 has helped women with PCOS & Alhamdulillah that many of them conceived a child.

But its dosage should be controlled as soon as the body becomes lighter & softer.

A normal dosage is a teaspoon twice daily for 2 weeks, never take Formula T19 for more than 40 days.

Thyroid patients may need Formula T19 for a longer duration, but dosage should  be reduced by taking it on alternative days, etc and a strict diet control + frequent Hijamah sessions are necessary.

Note: Do not take Formula T19 during pregnancy, breastfeeding, ulcers, diarrhrea, piles and heavy menstruation.

It is very easy to loose weight, if you can follow a strict Tibbe Nabavi diet.

1. Take 2 or 3 table spoon vinegar + 1 table spoon honey in a glass of water just 5 or 10 mins before breakfast

2. Early Breakfast - Take Talbina with Flax seeds, Dates or Honey

3. Skip the lunch (if you can) or take only some fruits if very hungry

4.Take 2 or 3 table spoon vinegar + 1 table spoon honey in a glass of water just 5 or 10 mins before dinner.

5. Early dinner - Barley bread with vegetable curry with olive oil and salad.

6. Take camel's meat or fish once every one or two weeks.

7. After dinner take one tea spoon of Formula T19 daily.

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