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Formula D Powder for Diabetes

Formula D Powder for Diabetes
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Formula D Powder for Diabetes

Treating Diabetes with Tibb-e-Nabawi

Diabetic patients think that sweetened foods and fruits are their enemies, and they eat white wheat bread & white rice daily, some of them consume the so-called Brown wheat bread (sold at shops), it is also a fiber-less bread, only the color of wheat is brownish. Carbohydrates should always be taken with fiber so that they are absorbed slowly in the blood.

For a diabetic, nothing is more blessed than the BARLEY BREAD, perfect in all aspects, having both the soluble & insoluble fiber, and don’t ever forget that barley was Chosen by Allah for the Seal of Prophets (Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam).

Then, we have the blessed olive oil for cooking; our experience for diabetic patients is that if they strictly take barley bread with curries cooked in the blessed olive oil, they will see quenching results for their blood sugar levels Insha’Allah.

Maintain a strict Tibb-e-Nabawi diet, Talbinah, Nabeez, Barley bread, pure home-made vinegar, & curries cooked in the blessed olive oil are the codes of perfection on this planet earth. Check the Recipes section of this website & you will find all the blessed foods there. Stop wheat & rice, soda drinks, sweetened juices, tea/coffee, vegetable oils, pickles, salted foods, on-the-shelf dairy products, and all whatever is available as canned/packed foods from the market. Vegetable curries are the best except potatoes, ladyfinger (Bhindi), eggplant (Baingan), Cabbage & Cauliflower.

Last but not the least, Diabetic patients should never ignore Honey; a CURE declared by Quran, but Ibn Al Qayyam wrote that patients with Bile disorders (that includes Diabetes) should take Honey combined with vinegar, the forgotten SAKANJABEEN. Try your best to find the purest brand of Honey and brew your own vinegar in the kitchen.

 Shifa by Tibb-e-Nabawi’s Herbal medicine :

A perfect herbal blend with Charaitah (Zareerah ~ Sweet Flag ~ Calamus root), Fenugreek seeds, Myrrh, Frankincense, Olive leaf & Henna from Tibb-e-Nabawi as the kings; and a combination of other therapeutic herbs from Allah’s Factory has brought beautiful results. It should be taken a capsule twice or 3 times daily after meals (Depending upon your blood sugar levels). Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) and Galangaal (Kholanjaan) have been added to help Diabetic patients with Erectile Dysfunction.

Shifa by Hijamah :

Diabetic patients are always afraid of Hijamah, they feel that the incisions (wounds) will not heal, and the same is the concept among those who take Anti-Coagulants like Aspirin. Such patients should be confident that applying Henna on the incisions will be fair enough to diminish all of their fears for delayed wound healing.

8 cups on the back should be applied; the most important are 2 cups at the middle back, behind the tale of the Pancreas. Hijamah stabilizes the blood sugar. Another issue here is that some Hijamah therapists try to convince their patients that their Diabetes will improve after Hijamah, no doubt that it is correct, but without a strict Tibb-e-Nabawi diet & herbal support of blessed herbs from Tibb-e-Nabawi, curing Diabetes with Hijamah alone is impossible and Allah Knows the Best.

Try to display Tibb-e-Nabawi as the complete cure, Hijamah alone is the one-fifth portion (20 %) of Tibb-e-Nabawi, we always combine Healing by Yaqeen, A’amal-e-Salehaat, foods, and herbs of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam with HIJAMAH.

Dosage: If your sugar level is above 200 then 1 teaspoon powder with water 3 times after meals
                If your sugar level is below 200 then 1  teaspoon powder with water 2 times after meals.

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