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About Us

Kamil Mansuri  the owner of A M Industries, manufacturer & exporter of gemstones since 1991. Was reading Hadith and the translation of Qur'an and came to know that Allah has sent us the Qur'an which is a remedy for all our problems if we understand the same. It was sent to us through our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

While reading the books on Hadith and the translation of Qur'an, I came to know that there are many remedies mentioned for our cure with herbs and Ayah's of Qur'an, The main remedy which I read and started manufacturing and selling Prophetic Remedies was the one for the heart, where I read the hadith: 

"Narrated Saad (r.a.): I suffered from an illness, the messenger of Allah (p.b.u.h.) came to pay a visit to me, He put his hand on my chest and I felt its coolness at my heart, He said: "You are a man suffering from heart sickness, go to Al Harith ibn Kaladah, brother of Thaqif, he is a man who gives medical treatment. He should take seven Ajwa dates of Madina and grind them with their kernels (seeds) and then put them into your mouth." (Sunnah Dawood, Book 28, Hadith 3866)"

and was amazed so read the power of Ajwa dates which is so good and can cure heart issues, where people shell our and pay to the hospitals thousands and Lacs of Rupees to get cured. I Started my search for Ajwa Dates Seed Powder and Alhamdulillah Allah made it possible for me to find the same through little hard work, after which I started reading more and made many remedies for different problems also learnt Hijamah ( cupping) wet and dry for different issues. Alhamdulillah HE has sent down the cure before sending down the disease.

Hope that my work helps us all, yes apart from my earning from it.

Jazaak Allahu Khairan.

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