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Formula Blends

Model: Formula A
Formula A is a supplement for cough and asthma it dilates the respiratory tract making it easy to breathe. It prevents the occurrence of hypersensitivity reactions and builds up a strong immunity against allergy, thus effecting an aid in cure for Asthma, Bronchitis, Wheezing, Eosinophilia attacks, S..
Model: Formula Artho Care
Formula Artho Care Powder - 900 gmsArthritis and Joint Pain, Lethargic, Improve bone densityWe have given Formula Artho to many patients with Osteo Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Knee joint pain, lower back pain, etc. & Masha'Allah that within 30 days, they felt relief & in addition, the K..
Model: Formula D
Formula D for Diabetes (Powder 200 gms)Suffering from diabetes? Here is a solution thatcan help keep the sugar levels down and make life a lot sweeter.Formula D helps provide long-lasting and optimum control of blood sugar levels. It also helps relieve associated symptoms such as frequent urination ..
Model: Formula K
The kidney the organ which purifies the blood in our body is very vulnerable. This can affect the urinary tract (UTI), kidney disorders, Kidney Stone which is a very high rate in humans also is Uric acid and Gout problems."Formula K" a herbal formulation derived from Tibbe Nabavi is helpful in contr..
Model: Formula T19
Formula T19 Weight-Loss & Body Detoxification Powder (200 gms)Formula T19 was designed as a powerful detoxifier, it removes impurities mostly vide stools; it is a hot-natured compound and it works primarily by bringing the impurities/wastes to their maturity; thus separating them from blood &..
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