Custos Root Powder

Custos Root Powder


Qust is usually used on its own or partnered with water, honey or olive oil.

For tonsillitis.

Qust al Hindi powder should be inhaled through the nose as per the previously quoted Hadith.

For fading freckles and spots, skin discolouration, scars, burns.

According to Ibn Al Qayyim's work 'At Tibb an Nabawwi', the ointment is made by mixing Qust al Hindi powder in equal parts with good quality raw honey and add a very small amount of clean water. The paste should not be runny so that it runs off the skin but should stick to the area where it is applied. I would personally advise to apply to the area once per day for 30 minutes, then wash it off. This ointment is also recommended to be applied to help aid the healing of incisions of Hijama to help minimize scarring in those patients who have thin skin, are diabetic or elderly or are generally prone to scarring or where they have had cupping applied to the face. It can also be used as a compress to dress the hijama incisions of patients who are hemophilic or taking blood thinning medications. Smear the mixture onto a sterile lint gauze or cotton fabric and apply to the skin, holding the gauze in place with medical adhesive tape. Once you are sure the wound has stopped bleeding, remove the dressing so as to encourage airflow and the formation of the hemostatic plug.

As an external application for rheumatic pain and as a hair oil.

Qust should be mixed in Olive oil as it was none other than Prophet Mohammed (may Allah be pleased with him) himself who instructed His Ummah to use olive oil for eating and for massage. Qust infused olive oil should be massaged on the points of pain/joints in the evening before bed. To make the massage oil, take 50g each of dried whole henna leaves and Qust whole root pieces (or its powder) and fry them on a very very low heat in around 250ml of good quality olive oil for 1 hour with continuous stirring. Make sure the heat is kept very low or the ingredients will burn. The oil will turn dark but it should not smell burnt. Once the oil has cooled down, filter it through muslin cloth, add 10 drops of the essential oil of Spikenard (Jatamansi) and then transfer it to a container bottle. Insha'Allah, it will over time should help to strengthen the bones and joints as well as have a rapid effect on the pain. Jatamansi is not essential so you can omit it if you cannot find it.

This same blend can be used twice a week as a conditioner for the hair which will also help relieve dandruff Insha' Allah.

For runny nose, colds and flu.

Qust should be ground to a powder and gently snuffed in the nose. The patient should be lying down with their head and shoulders slightly elevated and their head tilted back. 

For chest infections, pleurisy and asthma.

The Messenger of Allah (may Allah be pleased with him) said it should be administered from the side of the mouth, and the right side is better than the left, because it is bitter-tasting, there is less risk in coughing or nausea when it is administered from the side of the mouth but this is a general observation rather than recorded in the teachings of the pious predecessors and Allah knows best.

Qust al Hindi can be mixed with an equal quantity of honey and then smeared on the inside of the cheek. This should be administered three times daily, after meals.

For stomach, liver, digestion problems, IBS, Crohn's or intestinal parasites.

Mix 50g Qust al Bahri powder with 50g dry roasted ground black seeds (nigella sativa) in a jar of raw honey, take 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture twice each day dissolved in a hot cup of green tea. The seeds will settle at the bottom of the cup so make sure you stir and agitate it so that you drink the crushed seeds too. In two weeks Insha' Allah you will notice a considerable difference and have much more energy.

Black seeds can easily be dry roasted in a frying pan at home and ground in your spice grinder. Raw honey, depending where it is sourced from, is sometimes set hard in texture, you can gently warm it in the microwave to make stirring in the Qust powder and black seeds easier. Keep the mixture stored in a cool dark place.

Pregnant ladies must always check with their doctor before taking any herbs, supplements or medicines.

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